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Spring Clean Your Smile With REMBRANDT Intense Stain Products

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This is the time of year that most of us break out the cleaning products and begin our spring cleaning. I love how great my house looks after a great cleaning and the satisfaction I feel after a big cleaning job is wonderful! When it comes to spring cleaning, we sometimes need to look beyond our house work and take an overall inventory of how our appearance looks. Trying to put our "best face forward" for summer can be a daunting task but thankfully, there are some great products out there to help spruce up our look for the warmer weather!
REMBRANDT is a brand that I have reviewed on this blog before and I think it goes without saying that I love this brand. It has always worked really well for me and their toothpastes taste great! When I take a close look at my teeth it is obvious that they are not completely white and they could look much better. However, the oral care market has exploded with products to help whiten my teeth so who do I choose? After using several products, I have come to love REMBRANDT and love that they offer stain removing strips and toothpaste as well. Before I continue though, here is a bit more about their Stain Removing products...

REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips noticeably whiten tough surface stains, like coffee, tea and wine and conveniently dissolve on teeth in just 5 to 10 minutes. Get noticeably whiter teeth in two weeks, and protect against the build-up of future stains.Keep enjoying your favorite food and drinks, while you polish away stains with REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® toothpaste, the #1-selling premium whitening toothpaste*. This advanced daily-use toothpaste is expertly formulated to remove tough stains, prevent new stains from sticking and actively restore and strengthen tooth enamel. Formulated with a special blend of performing micro-polishers and a strong stain-fighting ingredient that helps fight tough stains like red wine, coffee and tobacco. 
*Based on IRI data for toothpastes sold at $2.12 per ounce or higher

I love how easy REMBRANDT makes it to whiten and brighten your smile. Whenever I used to think about whitening my teeth, I always envisioned a long process that would take hours. Well, REMBRANDT makes it possible in minutes.
So, for this review I was sent a box of REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips and a tube of REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® toothpaste.
Before I used the Stain Dissolving Strips, I decided to try out the REMBRANDT INTENSE STAIN Toothpaste to make sure my teeth were clean. This is a good sized tube that will last you quite a while...the only problem I had was getting the foil seal off the opening to squeeze the toothpaste out. I ended up using my Swiss Army Knife to get it open...LOL! It was tough.
This toothpaste tastes wonderful! It is very minty and not at all unpleasant in flavor. I brushed my teeth thoroughly and afterwards, they felt so clean and refreshed. 
Next, I dove into the box of Stain Dissolving Strips. These are very easy to use and super quick to apply too. In case you have never used these before, REMBRANDT includes really detailed instructions on the back of the box so you can refer to those while putting the strips on your teeth. I have used these before but needed to double check to make sure I was doing it properly. 
As you can see, one box contains 56 teeth whitening strips so you are definitely set for awhile. To use, simple pull the top of the strip packaging off and you will see the filmy strip inside. The notched side faces up when you apply the strip to your teeth. I did take a photo of the strips on my teeth but it was honestly too scary to post here so I spared you all that sight. HA HA! The only thing I don't like is the feeling of the strips on my teeth. It feels gummy and sticky but dissolves pretty quickly so that feeling doesn't last too long. Oh yes, and these strips are also mint flavored so that helps disguise the taste of the peroxide. When the strip was totally dissolved, my teeth felt normal and there was no residue left over from the strip. I LOVED that! The best part about these strips is that you can take them anywhere as well...they are small and thin so they fit just about anywhere, which is great! 
You can find these and other REMBRANDT products at food, drug and mass retailers across the country. The REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips retail for$24.99/Box  and a tube of REMBRANDT® INTENSE STAIN® toothpaste retails for $7.99. REMBRANDT can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest too so be sure to stop by and check them out.

So, in my opinion...These INTENSE STAIN products from REMBRANDT are fantastic! I love how quick and easy it is to brighten my teeth and also how wonderful the products taste. Honestly, flavor is a huge deal for me so if it works for me I want it to taste good too! I would definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to "spring clean" their smile. Get ready for the picnics, parties and summer fun with REMBRANDT! 

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free REMBRANDT products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the REMBRANDT websites and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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