Have You Ever Been in a Car Accident?

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Goodness...since I have been a registered driver I have had several car accidents. Thankfully, none of them have required Personal Injury Attorneys and have just been fender benders. My first automobile accident occurred when I was on my lunch break while at my job. I had gone to a drive through and was exiting the parking lot. I was making a left hand turn into a turning lane...the road onto which I was turning was a four lane highway. So, I was making a left hand turn and the car opposite of me was making a left hand turn also into the same turn lane. When I got a break in traffic to make my turn, the other driver must have gotten a clear break too because we met in the middle...literally. It was pretty scary. All I remember thinking was "oh man, that sounded bad".

Well, both of us got out of our cars with other cars zooming by us and surveyed the damage. My back, passenger wheel was pretty banged up and the bumper was mangled quite a bit. Rats. I guess I would be late coming back from my lunch break. One of us called the police and after that, I called my boss letting her know that I would not be back as soon as I thought...she graciously told me to take my time. :)

When the police arrived on the scene, both of our vehicles were drivable so we pulled into a nearby parking lot to get a report filled out, exchange insurance information and check for injuries. The paramedics came and asked me a bunch of questions and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out. The only thing that was bothering me was my was a tiny bit sore but not enough to where I wanted to go to the hospital.

The whole ordeal ended up costing quite a chunk of money, although I don't remember the exact figure. My neck injury was treated by my chiropractor as a "no fault" claim and I was treated with both chiropractic care and massage therapy as well. I have never forgotten that accident and probably never was a lesson that I learned the hard way - never trust other drivers!!

This is a sponsored post however; all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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