No More Makeup Touch-ups Thanks To Mary Kay's Makeup Finishing Spray!

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I honestly cannot believe that I have been married 7 years this year. Wow! We just recently had an engagement announcement at our church and it brought back SO MANY memories for me! Remembering my hubby's proposal, planning the details of our wedding and enjoying that very special day (and our very first kiss!). Everything was so very perfect, I would not change one thing about our wedding day. As I was talking to the newly-engaged young lady at church, I was overwhelmed with memories and turned to my husband. Grinning, I said "I want to do it again (with the same guy of course!)!!" He just smiled and ushered our little family out the door to go home. It was something that I will never forget and yes, I would love to get married all over again. 
Because I was never a huge makeup user prior to my wedding, I had many friends offering to do my makeup on the day of my wedding. I chose to have my friend with a cosmetology license help me and she did a fantastic job. As with all makeup, by the middle of the day I needed a touch up, and then another touch up towards the end of the day as we were heading into the reception. Makeup just needs to be refreshed every now and then because that is how it just is. 
SO, when I found out that Mary Kay carries a Makeup Finishing Spray, I was ecstatic! Could it be that this would solve the much needed makeup touch-ups that women go through on a daily basis??? Oh goodness...I was excited. 
So, for this review I was sent a bottle of Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray to try out. This spray retails for $18 and can be purchased directly from or from an independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. 
To use this Makeup Finishing Spray simply hold it 20-25 cm away from your face and spray it 2-4 times in an "X" and "T" motion. This will ensure that you get an even application. What I truly love about this spray is that it is light and stickiness or tacky feelings to deal with at all. I also love that this spray will not stain your clothing and that is is color fast too...fantastic! It really has no scent to it either so that helps a great deal if you are sensitive to scented beauty products. 

So, after you have applied your makeup be sure to use Mary Kay's NEW Makeup Finishing Spray. It will add a finished look to your makeup and will ensure you will not have to reapply your makeup on even the busiest of days...for up to 16 hours after applying!!! If you are a spring or summer bride this is a MUST HAVE for your makeup arsenal. I wish I had been in possession of this on my wedding would have saved time and would have really "set" my makeup nicely. 

So, in my opinion...Mary Kay's Makeup Finishing Spray is wonderful! It feels great and works so well for me. I have oily skin and it still help my makeup nicely! I love how it will work on any skin type and will keep you looking good throughout the day without having to reapply your makeup. Truly another fantastic product from Mary Kay that I am looking forward to using in the months to come!

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Mary Kay products for review purposes from Mary Kay. All quotes and stock photos are from the Mary Kay website and email. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

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